1) “Several years ago I got a stroke and had multiple problems due to high blood pressure. I got introduced to Pranayama about 4 years ago through my neighbor. Within months of practicing Pranayama daily, I was completely off all my medication for blood pressure, depression and sleeping disorders. Even my doctor could not believe the results and was surprised to see that everything was magically back to normal. Pranayama has been a miracle for me and my family. I continue to practice it daily and looking to get certified so I can now help others get the benefit that I was able to receive.”

Betty Boldyrew – Plainfield, IL
(enclosed, Mrs. Boldyrew’s Doctor Letter)

2) “Genetically predisposed with cholesterol, hypertension and diabetes, I finally became a victim of these about 6 years ago. My doctor wanted to start me on medication but after hearing about all the side effects, I knew I had to do something different. As I was exploring alternatives, I fortunately got exposed to Baba Ramdevji through Aastha Channel and since then my life has changed. I have religiously been practicing Pranayama for 3-4 years now and you can see the results in the attached medical reports for yourself. In addition to just good health, Yog has helped me turn into a vegetarian, quit alcohol and live a more spiritual life which I could have never dreamt of doing at the age of 39. Today, I share my story with everyone and hope others will see and experience the benefits of Yog just like I did.”

Piyush Sanghani – Plainfield, IL
(enclosed, Mr. Sanghani’s lab results for 2004, 2008, and 2009)

3) “In January 2005 I started to get rashes on my body. I changed my soap, detergent, even got floor converted to wood, changed diet. I was given allergy medicine but it did not help me, and my symptoms kept getting worse. In August 2006, along with skin rashes, I also started to get fevers that could run as high as 102F. At this point I was admitted in the hospital and doctors gave me a battery of tests. They were unable to diagnose my condition, and put me on Prednisone to deal with its symptoms. Prednisone helped in controlling my fevers but my energy level remained very low. In October 2006, doctors started to treat me for Rheumatoid Arthritis, and gave me several other medicines. After a few weeks I stopped taking those medicines, because they were making things worse, and went back to Prednisone.

In July 2007, I attended Baba Ramdev’s Shivir in Chicago and started doing regular Pranayam for 1:30 hours. The first difference I noticed was that I got back my energy, and could work from 4:30 AM till 10:00 PM without any problem. I believe that with the help of Pranayam I did not feel any of the side effects of Prednisone. In September 2008, I was sent to Mayo clinic because my blood tests were still showing high SED rate and high C reactive protein and I was still on Prednisone. In Mayo clinic I again went through battery of tests that included bone scan, bone marrow biopsy, CT scans, blood tests, PET scan, and lymph node biopsy without any diagnosis. I did not lose hope and continued to practice Pranayam daily.

I finally got off Prednisone four months ago. I am a firm believer in the power of Pranayam, when nothing works it works.”

Sunita Kamboj – Woodridge, IL

4) “I had Bronchial Asthma since 1975, and was hospitalized many times. I had allergies from 1980s when I had to take subcutaneous shots for allergy. I had blood pressure since 1997. In 1999 my asthma was debilitating and I got disability from my work. In 2001 October due to stomach problem I had upper GI done which revealed a stage 3 malignancy in my lower left lung which was removed by surgery in Dec. 2001 but affected one of the lymph nodes. It followed by a chemotherapy but it meta-stated to the bronchial tube, then to the spine, to right pelvis to left pelvis. Except in the left pelvis each time at each place radiation treatment was given followed by chemotherapy. The 40 radiation treatments in bronchial tube created para-cardiac fluid around my heart and shrunk my arteries as a consequence first time I have received 2 stents in 2004. A biopsy of spine indicated that it spread in the bone -a stage 4 cancer. I had breathing problems and was put on chest vest, bi-Pap machine and Nebulizer. Thus I had 3 times radiations and 4 times chemotherapy and had a total of one dozen (12) stents. In February 2007 I was taken off the simulation table for radiating my left pelvis as it would leave no place in my body to generate bone marrow and I would be needing blood transfusion every month.

At this stage we retreated for eventuality but fortunately came across Swami Ramdevji’s yog and Pranayam program on Aastha television. I started doing Pranayam in March 2007 and within few days gradually increased it to 2 hours in morning and one hour in the evening daily. My blood pressure went away after 3 months, my asthma and all breathing problems went away in 4 months and I got off the chest Vest and bi-Pap machine. My hemoglobin started increasing and I did not need Procrate shots every month. After 6 months, of the two spots of cancer in my left pelvis, one reduced to half. After a year one spot disappeared and the other reduced to half. Finally, after year and half my PET scan showed no spot at all. Since late 2008 I am cancer free and my arteries are opening up, also.

During 2002-7, I used to take 14 medicines. With Yog and Pranayam, I now take only 3 medicines. Now I am perfectly healthy doing all my personal and household work. I have to tell all cancer patients that even cancer can be cured, one should not be discouraged and while believing in God one should try Pranayam with courage. Doing breathing exercises daily and watching what we eat can cure all disease. I had asthma, cancer, arthritis and many other problems including spots on retina, humming sound in ears, weakness, etc. Yog and Pranayam has given me a new life.”

Amba Nagda – Mims, FL

5) “I had blood pressure since 1998 and was put on Norvasc which developed edema in my legs, hence they changed to Cozar. I developed peripheral neuropathy in 2000 and sleep apnea in 2002. I was on Neurontin, and CPAP machine until 2007. I started doing Pranayam (breathing exercises) since March 2007 to give company to a cancer patient providing moral support and to my surprise I got off the blood pressure within 3 months, got off CPAP machine within 7 months, and Neurontin within 9 months. Currently I do not take any medicine for last over 2 years and teach Pranayam, vyayam and yoga anywhere where I live. I believe many, if not all, diseases can be cured by living a disciplined life, a healthy lifestyle, and doing Pranayam, vyayam (physical exercises) and yogasans (commonly known as Yoga).”

Durga S. Nagda – Mims, FL

6) “I am an old woman, very healthy throughout my life, thanks to Yogasana and Pranayama practice. But lately, some health problems have appeared, namely lower back pain, and some allergy-like symptoms. I do many gentle asanas for the back, and the back problem almost doesn’t exist any more. Specific Pranayamas help with healthy breathing.

Swami Ramdev Ji’s DVDs, especially the Yog Science program, and the Pranayam and Yog Asan program have helped me trementously. I am eternally grateful to Him. I believe there are over 60 DVDs created by Divya Yog Mandir. I have recommended some of them to my friends with certain health issues.

Yoga and Pranayama, along with Ayurvedic remedies, are a God-sent to restore health. They can be utilized as sole remedies, alternate therapies, or complimentary medicine, depending on one’s nature and the nature of the illness. Of course, Yoga, Pranayama, and Ayurveda are extremely effective as preventive medicine. I know this from life-long experience.”

Uma Balu – Arlington Height, IL

7) “Yog and Pranayam is one aspect of life that should never drop down to a lower (second) spot in priority. I don’t even leave our bedroom until I’m done with my 1.5 hours of pranayam routine each morning. The reason I’m so dedicated is because I’ve had immense improvement in my health conditions. I had (benign) lumps all over my body. It was a genetic condition, my father had it too. Now with the elongated practice times (half an hour each of KapalBhati and Anulom-Vilom), I’m almost cured of this condition.

I also had multiple other problems, namely, hemorroids/constipation of 25 years (it started right after the birth of our oldest child) and it’s almost gone. Only a person who has experienced this can fully understand the relief I’ve achieved in my life through a regular practice of Yog and Pranayam. I did reasonably well during the summers with fresh fruit and vegetables available at our local Farmer’s market but I dreaded going to the toilet during the past 25 winters when fruit supply was restricted to the grocery stores only.”

Amita Biyani – Kennewick, WA

8) “The benefit I received by doing a regular practice of Yog and Pranayam, is that, my bi-polar depression of 25 years has vanished. I went through multiple psychiatrists throughout these years and they all said that I will have to take the medications for the rest of my life. I have always been physically quite fit but mentally “sick” and not been able to overcome my frequent bouts of depression.

My mother in India encouraged me to start Yog and Pranayam about two years ago but I was unsure that it could benefit my mental illness. I was slow to get started but for the last year and a half I haven’t missed even one day of my Pranayam. Since I was quite fit physically, for me, the benefit has primarily been on a mental level and Anulom-Vilom has helped me tremendously, in this. My prayers and a deep desire to get better, and God’s grace above all, got me the direction I needed. I have achieved what doctors said was extremely unlikely and, that is, I no longer need to take any medication for depression. It is as if the door to happiness, 24 X 7, has been opened up for me. Moreover, my energy level has miraculously increased many fold. I will continue to do one hour of Pranayam because it will ensure that I can operate during the remaining 23 hours at my peak level.”

Rabindra Biyani – Kennewick, WA

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